Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A stab at...SEO Writing

Since the popular thing for the industry is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing, I thought I'd try my hand. First go at it. (This is my opinion, none of the names or sites mentioned had anything to do with my writing this article. It's just something that I enjoy.)

I love American Sign Language probably most of all the languages I've come to learn. A very ardent and organic being, it inspires me every day. The expressions, the emotion, the energy of its users all flow in a dynamic symphony be it a regular conversation or a play by the National Theatre of the Deaf. There are a ton of ways to dive into the world of ASL. I am not new to ASL, but nor am I an expert. I began with a book of the alphabet in 1st grade and continued on with classes at my local junior college when I got older.
           What I'd recommend to get started is to take a class; it’s hands-on, consistent learning, and most importantly, actual practice with other people, which exposes you to different styles and skill levels of signing. It will also introduce you to Deaf culture, an awareness of audism, and the beauty of the fluid signer. If no class is available in your area, books are always a great supplement and reference. All books are worth reading once if only to experience a diversity of vocabulary; you’ll run into many common signs, but others will differ due to regional use and natural language evolution. So support your local library and check out some books if you’re unsure about buying before you figure out what you like. There are also great resources online that offer many ASL lessons and vocabulary. A couple of sites I frequent are Lifeprint and Signing Savvy, but any Google search will provide a slew of options. I like Lifeprint/ASLU because there are actual lessons and you can buy a CD with them all on it for studying at your leisure. Signing Savvy is cool because it has videos of each sign (sometimes multiple versions,) but it’s definitely more of a dictionary/reference site.
In order to be well-versed at any language, repetition is the key to excelling and maintaining proficiency. A few ways I’ve tried to stay fluent in ASL is to practice signing or fingerspelling while I’m on a jog or driving (only while idling…), prompted by my music, street signs or inner dialogue. License plates are also great for impromptu letter/number combinations—and those you can do with one hand while the other remains on the wheel.
However you make (and continue) your journey into the world of American Sign Language, make sure you practice often and keep an open mind. It's going to take hard work and an actual interest in Deaf culture to become fully immersed. Luckily, there are many ways to learn and many people who will gladly support you in your endeavor if you're truly interested.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A taste of...Magi

Some snippets from a story in progress. And one of my most favorite pieces of art ever! All artwork is done by Hawnt. Much more to come for the Magi series! Exciting!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A taste of...Underwater Battle

A snippet of something I wrote out of a brainstorm session with a couple colleagues. The story's core was not my own, but I was able transform pages of notes into prose where others could not. Just a taste...